Besides tremendous competition, we have been able to retain a staff of more than (40) Forty high skilled angels as our present force plus a number of them waiting in the wings.

žžWorkshops & Training:

For our team to excel in the field of beauty on going training sessions & Workshops  are regularly conducted by our Qualified Instructors at all locations, coming across lot of talented girls who become an asset after polishing their skills.

žSpecial Talent:

We have trained deaf and dumb girls who turned out to be better professionals than their able bodied sisters.


We don’t miss out a single opportunity to participate in training courses conducted by other Institutes and Trade houses, locally and internationally.

žBack up Staff:

We can cater to numerous clientele  at one time, since we always have students who work as apprentices  helping their seniors during their internship.

žForeign Exposure:

Our team members are appreciated by expatriates as well as our local Pakistani patrons for their expertise and attitude towards them with most reasonable rates as it is the 3rd  generation also which are being served together with our oldest clients.



Our dedicated team at Natasha’s Salons, have a professional approach, eager to provide most personalized services in Hair, Face and Body Treatments.

žShift Schedule:

Our staff availability is on Shift systems of four holidays per month, and sick leave only when required. Hence, each employee earns leave for 14 days once a year.


Seven days a week 1030-0830 hrs (inclusive of all public holidays)


Since several employees are trained in each department enabling them to alternate/substitute during absence.

žRecord keeping:

Staff records are maintained

žMobile Services & Events Management:

Prospective talented team available for any enhancement of scheduled Events and Activities .


Employees are divided in categories with Supervisors to help them achieve better results along with Floor Managers available at all times.


Beautician’s association provides assistance in recruitment of skilled labor.