žAt our Salons, all staff members are required to take bath and change into a clean uniform provided by the management before starting the days’ work and serving the clients.

žžAll the towels and sheets are washed after each clients’ work and equipment are properly sterilized.

žžTwo times a day Salon is cleaned and scrubbed with proper disinfectant  and cleanliness is maintained at all times.

žžAll equipment’s related to different disciplines is constantly checked for proper maintenance and hygiene for smooth operations.

žStaff’s hair and nails are checked regularly everyday for  cleanliness.

žžSpecial and clean shoes are provided to staff members and clients while they are in the premises of Salon and their own shoes are kept aside.

žžSalon is well equipped with Insect killers & proper Fumigation is conducted after every three months by Authorized Fumigation Companies.

žžAll areas are cleaned and sanitized thoroughly each day.

žžDesignated Doctors look after the health of our staff members.

žFirst AID kit & Face Masks are available at all times.